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Nigel Found A Friend

This book aims to help children understand that children with Autism also need friendship. Although they face many challenges, they want to be accepted and treated with respect and love.  After meeting Joey at the Dentist’s, the two boys became friends.  Nigel invited Joey to his birthday party; while they were at the party, Joey’s friends sang the birthday song loudly. Unfortunately, the singing was too loud for Joey, so he covered his ears instead of participating in the singing.  Joey’s mom saw what was happening and quickly grabbed a pair of hearing protection device and placed it over Joey’s ears which enabled him to participate in all the activities at the party.    This book is great for families who want their children to know that children with Autism have the exact needs as normal children.            

About Nigel

Nigel who was fascinated with drawing, but he was not good at it. One day he met a boy who was very good at drawing and wanted to have a conversation with him; however, the boy did not respond as Nigel expected. For a moment, Nigel thought this boy ignored him, but he soon…

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